Different types of flavors that available in heets terea online

A stick called the heets terea is used in an IQOS ILUMA device to create vape. The stick is available in different flavors all of that are available to buy heets online. You can try can buy your favorite flavor online.

Tea sticks in various flavors are available online and in stores; you can purchase them and smoke them. When the stick is empty, discard it and replace it with the next stick to continue smoking. They are designed with a disposable metal piece. Instead of changing the heating blade, the metal piece is placed inside the sticks to avoid a maintenance free heating device.

The various flavors in this tea stick have the robust flavor of its traditional counterpart, and instead of burning them, you can use the IQOS ILUMA device to heat and produce vapor from them. Heating tobacco produces fewer harmful factors to the smoker than burning it. The strength of the flavor is always high when you use this device for smoking.

Types of flavor available in it

  • Strong tobacco flavor
  • Menthol flavor
  • Mint flavor

Strong tobacco flavor

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Strong tobacco is the most popular flavor of Heets stick is the traditional tobacco flavor. This flavor is made using tobacco leaves, including Virginia, Burley, and Oriental, similar to the way traditional cigarettes are made. These tobacco leaves provide a traditional tobacco flavor with a rich tobacco flavor and a smoky flavor that is important for a traditional cigarette. The traditional tobacco flavor in the IQOS ILUME device is the most popular flavor of Heets sticks.

Menthol flavor

A powerful menthol flavor is popular that is made from a blend of menthol and tobacco leaves and used in traditional cigarettes and IQOS ILUMA sticks. This flavor has a refreshing and cloying taste that is similar to that of a menthol cigarette. It has a little bit of a varied taste of strong nicotine in it. This is available in a variety of strengths, from mild to strong.

Menthol comes in a variety of flavors, including aroma, green fruits (kiwi, green papaya), yellow menthol, and others.

Mint flavor

Mint flavor provides a delicious taste with a balanced taste of menthol and tobacco. Menthol cigarettes were once the most popular cigarettes, and this flavor is now added to tea sticks to bring them back.

More flavors are available in sticks, but these three are the most popular and addictive. All of the flavors are available to buy heets online