Education Is Not Boring Anymore

What do you remember from your school days? The school trip, games period, lunch breaks, playground, and celebrations. But isn’t school a hub for education? Isn’t that a place that makes us prepare for our endeavours? Most of them wouldn’t remember that boring long lecture on the human nervous system or the never-ending math class. Sadly, as we get older, we forget the acquired knowledge and remember only the happy moments. That is why learning should be made fun. Education must be such a happy memory in everyone’s life. But how can the process of learning be fun? Here are some amazing techniques a teacher or parent can follow to make your kids never forget what they learned in their childhood.

Ice Breakers 

Is there a kid who would say “NO” to a game? Ice breaker activities are a great way to begin a class. These activities can be anything from quizzes to paper crafts. It can also include making the students jump, dance and sing. Not only in the beginning, whenever the teacher senses that the students are losing interest in the lecture, immediately he/she can throw out an ice breaker activity to bring the students back to attention again.


Transform the classroom into a playground

Everyone in our school lives would have gone through the pain of memorizing a map. Those countries along with their capitals would have haunted most of us even in our dreams. Instead of pulling down the old map on the board and moving the scale to teach the position of countries on the globe, why not push away the tables and make the classroom into a map? Assign each student a country and let their best friend be the capital. Let the children move around the classroom to form the world. Doesn’t it sound fascinating? Not only geography but any subject can also be made into a game by your imagination.

Mini Professional 

Exams are nightmares! It is like the drought days in a year. But what if we tell you exams can be made fun too? Yes, rather than making the students write pages after pages, the school can consider conducting exams in different ways.

  • Make them work on mini projects
  • Include practical tests
  • Encourage students to give presentations

These are some of the ways to make learning a happy journey for students. A teacher can be as creative as possible to come up with ideas to make the class interesting. It is in the hands of the mentor to make education fun or boring.